Car-free holiday

Hiking and biking through South Tyrol – Waldhof Hotel Vitalpina
"I don't want to fill up on gas.
I'd rather fill up with relaxation."

Relaxing on vacation also means leaving your car in the parking lot.
Walking surrounded by nature.
Admiring the mountains from your bike.
Filling up with fresh air, instead of gasoline.
Treating yourself to a second Aperitivo... Why not? You're not driving today anyway :-)

How about spending a day in Merano, Bolzano or in the Val Venosta Valley? Head there by bus or train: there are several bus stops within walking distance of the Hotel Waldhof.

And there’s more: Thanks to the MeranoCard (included in the price of your stay) you can also use all public transport means in South Tyrol for free.
Don't have your bike with you? Rent your E-Bike or MTB directly at the hotel!
Now you have no more excuses :-)

Arrival by bus & train

Once you arrive in Merano, we will pick you up at the railway station. Alternatively, you can book the Südtirol Transfer connection shuttle. Or you can reach Merano by train or bus and take a cab from the station to our hotel - in this case, the cab ride is on us!

Do you prefer to travel by public transportation? Then take the local bus to Rablà.

Arrival by plane

Airports near the 4-star Hotel Waldhof:

• Bolzano airport (ca. 38 km)
• Innsbruck airport (ca. 161 km)
• Verona airport (ca. 182 km)
• Treviso airport (ca. 221 km)
• Venezia airport (ca. 304 km)
• Munich airport (ca. 357 km)

When the journey becomes an experience

How to reach the 4-star Hotel Waldhof in Rablà/Parcines
After every bend, a beautiful view opens up - and the heart opens up too.
There they are, the majestic peaks of the Texel Group. They watch you from afar, eager to soon envelop you in their embrace, eager to whisper you fascinating stories and legends of the Val Venosta Valley.
Steam clouds rise sinuously toward the sky from the heated pool.
One more minute and you’ll be there.

Our 4-star Vitalpina & Wanderhotel Waldhof is located in the green heart of Lower Val Venosta Valley, in the village of Rablà near Parcines, right at the foot of the Texel Group Nature Park and only 7 km from Sissi's favorite city: Merano.

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Arrival by car:

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The last mile

Car-free holiday