A place to feel happy

Vitalpina Hotel Waldhof**** in Rablà/Parcines
"You know that feeling? That incredible emotion when you can't wait to be in a certain place ..."

After a long journey and a quivering wait, here you are at last - in front of the 4-star Vitalpina Hotel Waldhof in Rablà near Merano.
A beautiful natural scenery unfolds before your eyes, made up of majestic mountains tickling the sky with their peaks. Made of lush green orchards, gently nestled to the mountain slopes. Made of charming house and church roofs, which lend a graceful touch to the village.
Tingling mountain air fills the nose, sweet joy fills the soul.
The landscape surprises and inspires you, invites you to discover new places, to experience something new.

You feel good.
In the right place at the right time.
In a place that makes you feel happy.

Welcome to the Hotel Waldhof

A vacation at Waldhof because ...

6 reasons to spend your holiday at our 4-star hotel near Merano.

… the location is great!

Nestled among the natural treasures of the Merano and Environs area and, at the same time, just a stone’s throw from lively villages and cities - the spa town of Merano is only a 15-minute drive away. And that’s not all: close to our hotel there are plenty of hiking trails and bike paths that lead you to dreamy viewpoints.
How about spending a day in Merano, Bolzano or in the Val Venosta Valley? Head there by bus or train: several bus stops as well as the valley stations of the Texel and Aschbach cable cars are within walking distance of the Hotel Waldhof.

... you just feel like at home

...and even a bit better! If you are happy, we are even happier! Whether you need help planning your hiking tour or just wish for a good morning smile - we love to surround you with warmth and hospitality.

... there's something for everyone!

Whether young, young at heart, active, foodie, vacationing with friends, with the family, as a couple, alone - among the services we offer there is something for everyone. Moreover, here at the Waldhof everyone is guaranteed a seat: with all the chairs and loungers we have in the hotel and in the garden, in fact, no one will risk standing. We promise!

… it always keeps exciting!

Boredom? Banished! Both at the hotel and in our surroundings you can enjoy a wide range of activities: from hiking to cycling tours, from swimming to tennis and paragliding, from gourmet experiences to wellness moments ... there is something for every taste and need.

… you can’t miss our Vista Pool - Adults Only

Immerse yourself in the green heart of Parcines, while nature awakens all around. Swim into the embrace of the first morning sun. Feel free, here and now. If only every day started  like this ...

… we can’t wait for you to be here

and spend the most precious time of the year with us. Every day we do our utmost to fill our Vitalpina Hotel Waldhof with stylish coziness and comfortable flair. To make our favourite place yours as well.