When every dish becomes an experience

Natural culinary pleasures at our hotel in Merano and Environs
“Alpine freshness and Mediterranean delights - that's how it tastes at the Hotel Waldhof. Our ingredients? Some spoonsful of passion, a pinch of creativity and a lot of love - which makes every dish a culinary treasure.“

Rich in experiences – that's how we want your holiday in Parcines to be, Using the freshest seasonal ingredients from the region, our kitchen crew conjures up very special dishes with an unmistakable Waldhof taste. Traditional dishes that surprise the palate with creative culinary notes.

A rendezvous between South Tyrolean tradition and Italian cuisine.
Alpine mountain aromas blend with a delicate touch of Dolce Vita. Mediterranean herbs refine exquisite products from South Tyrol's farms, meadows and forests. A glass of Goldmuskateller puts the exquisite taste of Antipasti in the spotlight. Lucullan scents rise to the nose, seduce the palate, trigger feelings of happiness.

It is love at first bite.

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The taste of happiness

Breakfast at the 4**** Hotel Waldhof Vitalpina in Rablà/Parcines
“Start every morning with a good thought..."
(Zit. Carl Hilty)

and a good breakfast – that's what we take care of in the Waldhof kitchen!

While you‘re still snuggling wrapped in your fluffy blankets in the early morning hours, we are already busy in the kitchen. We slice freshly baked farmer's bread, serve South Tyrolean cold cuts and cheeses, fill bowls with fresh mountain yogurt, homemade jams and creamy spreads, bake our buckwheat and marble cake, turn our sweetest oranges into freshly squeezed juice, grind our coffee beans to serve you espresso, macchiato, cappuccino ... And then we take out our organic eggs to turn them into delicious egg specialities for your breakfast - just the way you like it.

The table is set - in the restaurant and on the terrace.
The morning mail is on the table.
There you are, take a seat.

It’s time for breakfast
… and for a wonderful day too.

Culinary pleasures à la Vitalpina

Every morning from 7.30 am to 10.30 am at the Hotel Waldhof we offer you …
  • dairy products from South Tyrol: yogurt, curd cheese, butter variations (cow's milk, goat’s milk, yogurt).
  • Waldhof tea bar with fine teas made from South Tyrolean fruits and herbs.
  • muesli corner with a large selection of cereals, dried fruits, nuts and honey from the Monte Sole mountain.
  • 5 varieties of homemade jam: raspberry, apricot, strawberry, plum, and the Waldhof special: apple-puni and whisky-cinnamon.
  • fresh fruit salad, crunchy fruits and vegetables.
  • à la minute prepared fruit & vegetable juices, freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • 13 varieties of South Tyrolean bread made with natural ingredients and baked according to traditional methods: croissants, filled brioches, yeast pastries and much more.
  • various freshly prepared egg specialities, rich assortment of cold cuts and cheeses with meatloaf (Leberkäse), grilled sausages, frankfurters, smoked trout and pickled salmon – and on Sunday we have Prosecco!
  • Sometimes you can smell the sweet scent of our crêpes – with the filling of your choice or our vanilla waffles. Impossible to resist!
Early risers who like hiking do not have to start the day on an empty stomach: book in advance and we‘ll prepare a lunch box for you - just the way you like it - so that you can start the day well strengthened.

Savoury, sweet and hearty

Every day from 2 pm to 5 pm
“A few slices of bacon in the Vinschgerle, a cool beer.
Your legs dangling in the sun.
A sip of cappuccino. A slice of apricot cake.
And that unmistakable Waldhof flair."

If your mouth is still watering after lunch, your palate won't have to wait long. From 2 pm to 5 pm we serve up our Waldhof afternoon buffet with regional delicacies, fresh salads, refined dishes and tasty treats prepared by our kitchen team:

  • a rich afternoon buffet – fresh salads, cold dishes, homemade cakes and creamy ice cream for the small - and big - appetite in between.
  • heart-warming and refreshing drinks (NOT included) from delicious coffee specialities, hot chocolate, fruit and herbal teas, fresh mountain milk, fruity juices and spring water from the Texel Group Nature Park.
What's on the menu today?

Moreover we offer

  • our popular cheese board – with South Tyrolean and Italian cheeses, spicy fig mustard and other delicious mustards, nuts and grapes.
  • our pasta bar – once a week you can enjoy various types of pasta combined with tasty sauces – spicy and/or mild – that we prepare before your eyes. Buon appetito!

Every evening from 6.45 pm to 8.30 pm we offer you ...

A delicious buffet
- Tasty Antipasticlassic palate ticklers all'italiana, such as bruschetta, caprese, vitello tonnato, and many more.
- Fresh salad buffet with delicious dressings, crispy bacon and South Tyrolean herbs.

A fine starter
- Warm starter, soup or vital drink.
- Traditional dish, e.g. dumpling soup, frittata soup, pasta.

A hearty main course
- Fish, meat or vegetarian dish.
- Traditional dish, e.g. sea bass, entrecôte, Wiener Schnitzel or Tyrolean Herrengröstel.
- Exquisite wine selection with South Tyrol's best wines.

A delightful dessert
- Sweet, creamy or baked dessert or light variant with fresh fruit.
- Crêpes, Fruit & Ice, South Tyrolean and Italian desserts.
- once a week: tempting dessert buffet.