Time for myself

Adults Only Wellness at Vitalpina 4-Star Hotel Waldhof near Merano
"When man is at rest, he works."
(F. Petrarca)

A large Wellness & SPA area – Adults Only. Nestled between the Val Venosta Valley and the Merano region, between sweet memories and cheering hopes.
Switch off. Relax. Here and now.
Recharge your batteries. Feel good - all on your own or with someone you love.

Feel happy in the Vista Pool

Dive in and swim into the sunlight
“Floating in the water in the early morning, light as a feather.
Your gaze sweeps over three-thousand-meter peaks, touches the sky.
The landscape is silent. The soul bubbles.“

Immerse yourself in the verdant landscapes of the Val Venosta Valley. Swim into the sunrise, kissed by the dawn. Cool off your body on hot summer afternoons, dip your feet in the water. And in the evening, gaze at the summit crosses, wrapped in an evocative play of colours ... Doing nothing can be so fulfilling.

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Adults Only Pool highlights

Vista Pool

with passage to the outdoor garden and top views of the apple orchards and mountains of the Val Venosta valley. 6.5 x 3 m water surface indoors and 6.5 x 13 m outdoors, heated all year round (in summer: 28 - 30°C, in cooler seasons: 30 - 32°C).


Relax where water and thoughts bubble. 6,5 x 3,25 meters water surface (room for 8 persons), ergonomic loungers, neck rests and heated mountain water (in summer: 32°C, in cooler seasons: 34 - 36°C).

Relaxation garden

with comfortable loungers and dreamy spots in the shade or in the sun. Surrounded by centenary olive trees and Mediterranean plants for an enjoyable Dolce Vita flair.

Sauna makes you happy

Cozy warmth in the Waldhof Spa
"Much more than 'just' a sauna area - a cozy oasis of peace, a wellness retreat, a true paradise for body and soul."

The pores open up, the skin becomes rosy.
First the heat, then the cold - balm for the immune system.
Stress evaporates, leaving room for happy hormones.
You feel reborn – full of joie de vivre, full of holiday spirit.

Adults Only Sauna highlights:
  • Finnish sauna made of natural apple and serviceberry wood with space for 25 people. Temperature of approx. 85°C and initial low humidity (20%), infusion ritual performed by our sauna infusion masters.
  • Sole eucalyptus steam bath made in Italy ceramics, floor and wall heating, relaxing light effects and brine eucalyptus nebulization (can be activated every 6 min.). Mild heat (approx. 42°C) with 90% humidity - beneficial for skin and respiratory tract.
  • Infrared heat cabin – generates deep, beneficial warmth throughout the body. Gentle sweating with individually adjustable temperature.
  • Relaxation area on the upper floor of the wellness area. 190 m² of dreamy space. After the sauna, lie on the lounger, loft your legs, leaf through your favourite book, lose yourself in your thoughts.
  • Vital bar with fine teas from South Tyrolean fruits and herbs, fresh spring water from the Texel Group Nature Park and healthy snacks. Any wishes open? Call our Sauna Hotline (direct connection to the hotel bar) and order a cold beer, a glass of Chardonnay, a fine aperitif ...
  • Late Night Sauna & Pool – Outside the world goes to sleep, inside the soul wakes up. Treat yourself to some late-night wellness in our pools & saunas every Tuesday and Thursday from 8.30 pm to 10 pm.

Info & opening hours: To protect the environment, in our wellness area we pay attention to energy consumption and reduce idle times. Upon request at the reception or by calling the Sauna Hotline (Vital bar), we'll be happy to heat up the sauna for you outside the automatic switch-on hours.

Automatic switch-on hours:
  • In summer: 5 – 7.30 pm / In winter: 3 – 7.30 pm
  • Spontaneously upon request: from 3 pm
  • In case of bad weather: from 11 am
The infrared heat cabin is at your disposal all day.

Alpine Wellness

Massages & beauty treatment for our guests
Stroking movements from the inside out. Fingertips gently press on your skin.
You feel a wave of energy flowing through the body.

"Let yourself go, take a break. Feel beautiful, feel good ..."

Our spa team is looking forward to pampering you with the following massages ad treatments:
  • Holistic treatments with natural products from South Tyrol's mountains.
  • Natural organic cosmetics by Phyto Art® based on local medicinal plants and precious stones.
  • Revitalizing body treatment with peeling cleansing scrub and kinesio tape.
  • Energetic massages from around the world – from classic full-body and essential oil massages to Ayurvedic foot treatments, Hot Stone and singing bowl massages.

Give wellness to those you love - Waldhof wellness voucher
Wrap up beauty, health, peace of mind and inner balance in one package ... for a hotel holiday or a wellness moment à la Vitalpina. Your favourite person will be thrilled!

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